I CHOOSE LIBERTY Pocket Constitution
96 pages, 3.5” x 5”

30 Foundational American Principles
How to Analyze Proposed Legislation with 5 Questions
Key Articles of the 1215 Magna Carta
Declaration of Independence
Signers of the Declaration
U.S. Constitution
Bill of Rights
Amendments 11-27

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Every generation must make a choice as to what type of country we will be. Only an informed and courageous people will choose liberty and self-government.  We must make the right decisions today, and work tirelessly to prepare the next generation.
— Jason W. Hoyt

Excerpt from I CHOOSE LIBERTY...

After reading this book, I guarantee you’ll never watch the news or discuss politics the same as your ears will be able to spot anti-American sentiment from a mile away.  

As you read each page, I kindly ask that you take a moment to consider the counter-argument that runs opposite of these foundational American principles.  While many still believe in the principles of Liberty that established this country, there are those among us today that clearly would have sided with the King of England, preferring a far-off central government to plan their lives.  

You must decide upon which side of the argument you will stand.  At every moment, with every news story, policy proposal, or candidate forum, you must choose Liberty and freedom, or the chains of tyranny.  

America is either the “land of the free” or it is not.  You either believe your unalienable rights are naturally yours or they are granted to you by government.  You either believe in a “free market” or you prefer a government-run economy where decisions are made for you by distant bureaucrats.  You either believe you have the right to defend yourself or that everyone should be helpless and defenseless. 

The only questions that remains is this:


As for me,