Unlock Principles #6-30 of the I CHOOSE LIBERTY book.

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You've received the first 5 Foundational American Principles, but now it's time to dive into the next 25.  In all of them, I used very precise and concise language to equip you with the ability to communicate them to others.  And, you'll be able to spot anti-American sentiment in news articles, policy discussions, candidate rhetoric, as well as debates amongst family and friends.

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Below lists the entire set of principles included in the Ebook and Paperback versions of the I CHOOSE LIBERTY book:

#1 – Our Rights Come From God
#2 – The Proper Role of Government is to Secure My Rights
#3 – All Political Power is Inherent in the People
#4 – Liberty is Freedom + Responsibility
#5 – We are Not a Democracy
#6 – It’s Individual Rights, Not Collective Rights
#7 – We are Not and Oligarchy
#8 – We are a Constitutional Republic
#9 – We Don’t Have Constitutional Rights
#10 – The Constitution is Not for Us, It’s for Them
#11 – The Bill of Rights Does Not List Our Rights
#12 – It’s Freedom of Speech, Not Freedom from Being Offended
#13 – It’s Freedom of  Religion, Not Freedom from Religion
#14 – Shall Not Be Infringed Means Shall Not Be Infringed
#15 – Taking Property Without Due Process is Theft
#16 – The Government Must Stop Playing Favorites
#17 – We Believe in The Free Market, Not a Government-Run Economy
#18 – The Government Can Only Give What it has Taken from Someone Else
#19 – Taxes Must Be Flat, Fair, and Uniform for All
#20 – The Constitution is the Government’s Supreme Law of the Land
#21 – No One is Above the Law. Justice Through Due Process and Our Consent Must Prevail
#22 – The Federal Government’s Powers are Few and Defined
#23 – If It’s Not in the Constitution, It’s Up to the States or the People
#24 – We Created the States and They Created the Federal Government
#25 – They are Not Our Leaders
#26 – Know Your Place in the Hierarchy
#27 – Equal Opportunity, Not Equal Outcome
#28 – We The People are the Final Arbiters of What is or is not Constitutional
#29 – Collective Punishment for the Crimes of a Few is Wrong
#30 – The Constitution is Made for a Moral and Religious People