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1. I already have the paperback version of this book.
2. I believe my rights are naturally mine and not granted by government.
3. I understand the difference between "Constitutional rights" and "Constitutional protections."
4. I believe every American should read and learn about the Constitution.
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This FREE digital version of the I CHOOSE LIBERTY pocket constitution contains 5 of the 30 Foundational American Principles found in the 96-page paperback.  

In addition, this FREE digital version includes:

- How to Analyze Proposed Legislation with 5 Questions.
- First 5 (of 30) Foundational American Principles.
- Key Articles of Magna Carta of 1215 and how they Inspired the Constitution.
- Declaration of Independence.
- Signers of the Declaration of Independence.
- U.S. Constitution.
- Bill of Rights.
- Amendment 11-27.
- Including line by line notes of how Amendments changed previous clauses of the Constitution over time.

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