Vote NO on Amendment 4: What You Need To Know

Vote NO on Amendment 4
August 30, 2016 - Florida Primary

As someone who has been very involved in politics for several years, I start to receive phone calls, emails and messages a couple months before election day asking my advice for how to vote on the lesser-known items on the ballot. Most voters know little-to-nothing about the judges, school board candidates and the proposed Constitutional amendments. 

Since this year is no different, I started researching what amendments are being proposed and I discovered there is a lot of confusing information about the "solar amendments."  Yes, that is plural.  There is one on the General Election ballot in November and, surprisingly, there is one on the August 30 Florida Primary ballot.  

As a result, I launched the STOP PLAYING FAVORITES PAC on Monday, August 1, 2016 with the hopes of driving around the state, speaking at meetings and doing interviews in an effort to ensure people cut through the noise and vote in support of the Free Market.

I recently did an interview on the Ed Dean Radio Show that I believe encapsulates the reasons why and explains how important it is to vote NO on Amendment 4 and to tell Tallahassee to STOP PLAYING FAVORITES!

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