"Dear Friends," a heartfelt message from Terry Trussell after hearing in Dixie County Florida

"Dear Friends," a heartfelt message from Terry Trussell after hearing in Dixie County Florida

Dixie County, Florida -- On July 15, 2015, Terry Trussell faced another hearing in Cross City, Florida.  He recently replaced his previous attorney with a new one and the judge seemed focused on setting a trial date.

Inger Michelle Garcia, Terry's new attorney, lobbied for a delay setting a trial date to enable her to get up to speed on the case and to thoroughly schedule and conduct depositions as necessary.  She was successful as no date was set.

Watch the video below as State Prosecutor Meggs, on multiple occasions, displayed his typical argumentative, demeaning and forgetful attitude.

Meggs had a surprisingly awkwardly harsh reaction to Garcia's trial date suggestion, calling it "unacceptable."  He also placed full blame on any delays thus far on Terry while completely ignoring his own health problems that forced the judge to postpone several dates.  Thankfully, Garcia responded reminding Meggs of his health delays and Judge Hankinson was quick to take some of the blame, as well.

Once again, patriots from across Florida showed up for the ten-minute hearing in support of a man facing up to seventy-years in prison for doing his job to the letter while never violating the rights of anyone.

When the state finds a political target, it seems, they refuse to let up.

Shortly after the hearing and lunch-gathering that followed, Terry distributed a letter to his friends and supporters.  With permission, the letter is below:

Dear Friends,

Although I know these words will fail to adequately express Marie’s and my appreciation for your continued support in our fight to restore justice in our once, great Republic, and honor to our courts, they must be written.

While I stand alone, accused of having offended ‘STATE OF FLORIDA’, we are all on trial. I thank each and every one of you who have made the long trek to Dixie County, so many times, to witness this episode of history. For most of us, this is a major sacrifice of money, and even more precious, your time. For this and so much more, Marie and I, and our entire nation, owe you a great debt. And for those of you who could not join us; your prayers and good thoughts are deeply appreciated.

This battle against injustice is for the very soul of our Republic. As I often ponder how God is playing the leading role in this circumstance, I am slowly beginning to understand how imperative it is for us, We the People, to prevail against this evil.

In the hearing, Wednesday, the part you played was so much more critical than you may have recognized. Your very presence was my guarantee the court would obey its commitment to respect my rights and to at least pay passing homage to our Constitution. Your eyes shed light on the court’s every move and prevented it from completely abandoning (as it has done so many times in the past) its duty and its oath.

I especially want to recognize, and thank my attorney, Inger Garcia, for what she did in that hearing. I finally feel I have suitable, competent representation, and can only pray for her continued effectiveness.

Further, I want to thank all of the people who have stood by me, advised me, and guided me through all of this: RD, HS, JH, and especially RC, a man I am so proud to have as my true friend. So many of you, from all over the country, have made such huge contributions to this effort, that time and space prevent me from listing you all, but please accept my most humble gratitude, my brothers and sisters-in-arms.

To paraphrase the powerful words of Abraham Lincoln: “The world will little note, nor long remember what we do here, but it must never forget our purpose and our most holy motive, as God is watching for us to follow in His Word.”

And finally, I want to express Marie’s, and my, deepest appreciation to the efforts of JDM. His righteous stance for our liberty is singular evidence he is truly one of us. He represents the very soul and spirit of what it means (and requires of each of us) to be an American. We all owe him our eternal gratitude.

In closing, I want to re-emphasize how the thousands of People from all over the country are having an impact on our struggle to restore our Republic. And please be aware, our efforts are making thousands more, mindful of the urgency to restore our justice system.

While we may not all contribute equally, if we each contribute what we can, God has assured me, it will be enough.

God Bless America, as He Blesses us all,
Terry & Marie Trussell