There's a Storm Coming! -- Are You Ready for King v. Burwell? Who Will Get Blamed for ObamaCare's Unraveling?

There's a Storm Coming!
Are You Ready for King v. Burwell?
Who Will Get Blamed for ObamaCare's Unraveling?

In less than a month, the Supreme Court is expected to offer their opinion on King v. Burwell as to whether or not specific words written in legislation passed by Congress actually mean what they say.

Does "established by the state" actually mean established by the state?

Even the New York Times suggests these four words may unravel ObamaCare as they admit: 

"What matters, Justice Antonin Scalia has said, is “not what Congress would have wanted, but what Congress enacted.” - NYT, Four Words That Imperil Health Care Law Were All a Mistake, Writers Now Say

The law states that subsidies are available for policies purchased in marketplace exchanges "established by the state."  As a result, more than 7.5 million enrollees of the federal marketplace exchange could lose their coverage if the Supreme Court votes for the plaintiff in King v. Burwell.  

The SCOTUS opinion is expected in June.

As already-high insurance rates increased even more due to ObamaCare, enrollees that live in states that refused to set up a state exchange will lose their taxpayer-subsidized insurance.  In addition, they'll be subject to penalties for failure to carry government mandated health insurance.

Christine Jordan Sexton, writing at the Saint Peters Blog, said that "there are nearly 1.6 million people enrolled in Obamacare through the federal exchange in Florida and 93 percent of the enrollees qualify for a $294 per month tax subsidy."

Christine's article at Saint Peters Blog, Infograph shows Obamacare enrollment, tax credits in 17 Republican congressional districts, depicts an infographic laying out the impact King v. Burwell may have in Republican districts in Florida.  

The question, then, is this:  are we ready for the upcoming storm?

Frank Attkisson, who served in the Florida House of Representatives, as Osceola County commissioner and Kissimmee mayor and city commissioner, recently wrote an oped for the Orlando Sentinel.  In the piece titled, Let States Customize ObamaCare Solutions, My Word, he asked if the legislature is ready.  

If our elected representatives do not come up with a solution, permanent or interim, we will still feel the impact of these with no benefit. Our governor and Legislature need to insist that Congress work with states on a solution that grants greater flexibility and control, not a one-size-fits-all approach that restricts states from innovating or offering insurance options that meet the individual needs of Floridians.

All that being said, we need to be prepared to act quickly to ensure stability in the marketplace. While the health law is profoundly flawed, we should do everything in our power to protect Floridians and allow them to keep the coverage they have for a period of time.

Failure to have a plan at the ready will likely force more than a million individuals out of the marketplace and increase premiums for those who remain by more than 35 percent. Florida could also lose more than $60 million in tax revenue from insurers and another $10 million in assistance to providers. 

 Let States Customize ObamaCare Solutions, My Word