Did Your State Accept the Bribe to Implement Common Core?

What is Bribery?

Bribery is an act of giving money or gifts that alters the behavior of the recipient. Bribery constitutes a crime and is defined by Black's Law Dictionary as the offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of any item of value to influence the actions of an official or other person in charge of a public or legal duty.” - Wikipedia

"Obama Bribes States to Adopt National Education Curriculum"

“The Obama admin is using taxpayer money to bribe state governments into accepting a dubious national education curriculum known as “Common Core.” The national scheme, which is  arousing some serious opposition, is geared toward standardizing educational requirements in a move that critics say represents an assault on local control over the school system.” - Dec ’12 at  TheNewAmerican.com

Local & State Officials Accused of Bribery for the Implementation of Common Core

The people of Dixie County, FL realized that state and local governments benefited financially from receiving Race To The Top “federal money” in exchange for accepting the unproven Common Core standards and curriculum.  Meanwhile, local taxpayers knew they’d have to pick up the tab after the Race To The Top money runs out. Once the research was done and the scheme exposed, the people notified their local grand jury of the criminal activity and requested an investigation.

Did Your State and County School Board Accept the Bribe to Implement Common Core?

Most people think when a politician is bribed they benefit privately by receiving cash or a personal gift.  When you look at the specific definition of bribery, though, it doesn't specify.

Here's a few helpful hints as to how you find out whether or not your local school board took the bribe by accepting Race To The Top (RTTT) money and if they began the implementation of Common Core.

The first thing you must understand is that in order to receive Race To The Top "federal" money, you had to accept the terms and conditions as outlined in the Race To The Top program, as explained this Executive Summary.

Secondly, you must determine if your state signed onto the Race To The Top program.

After searching through the Race To The Top website (notice the site doesn't use a .gov domain), I found a report within the Florida section that showed the following: Project Name:  Curricular Tools to Implement the Common Core State Standards.  This report, keep in mind, is within pages and pages of data and this report is only one example, but confirms for me that Florida is in the program and receiving benefits by implementing common core.

The third place I would look is in your local public school's budget, which should also be available online.  Once you find the documents, typically as a .pdf, I would go back to 2010 and work your way forward to today.  Then, use the search feature within the .pdf document or webpage and look through the budget for the 'Race to the Top' and 'Common Core' terms.  Depending on what they called it, you might want to just search 'Race,' 'RTTT' or 'Common'.

For example, I found the Orange County Public Schools budgets available on the budget page of their website.  While there was nothing in the FY 2010-2011 document, the first reference I found to Race To The Top was in FY 2011-2012 Adopted Budget Summary.  Then, in FY 2012-2013, not only did their projected numbers increase by 50% for FY 2011-2012, they expected Race To The Top funding to increase from $660,000 to over $4.3 Million in a single year.  That number was projected to remain steady for FY 2012-2013 (while it increased over their projection by a million) then its scheduled to soar up to $12.2 Million for FY 2014-2015.

As you know, this is a problem and needs to be addressed.

Did your state take the bribe?
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