You Will Love this Rancher's Bold Response to a Government Agency Lawyer

An exchange recently took place between a rancher and a Department of Health Supervisor after the government inspection agent had abused their duties and oath of office multiple times during the inspection of the potable water system over a 2-year time frame.

The rancher had enough of the inspection agent arrogantly trampling on his property rights and also his "right to be left alone" as protected by the 4th Amendment.  The Rancher was no longer willing to tolerate the unconstitutional treatment from a public servant so he decided to require any Department of Health personnel to produce their properly executed Oath of Office, Bond, and Commission before being permitted back on the ranch.  While the rancher understood his rights as protected by both the state and federal constitutions, a government lawyer attempted to insert herself into the email conversation.  The rancher decided not to allow the lawyer to interject herself into the conversation.

Unfortunately, we no longer live in a free country as political retaliation occurs on a daily basis.  Since many government agencies target individuals based on their political beliefs through the use of intimidation, manipulation, coercion, theft and wrongful imprisonment, the names on the letter have been modified.

Here is the rancher's response to the government lawyer after she was included in the email exchange with the Department of Health Supervisor:

With all due respect, who are you and what gives you the right to interrupt my email conversation with [Mr. Supervisor of Inspector] in Dept of Health  and insert yourself between us?  Frankly I don't know who you are and you have no such right.  I did not request, desire, or require a consultation with a corporate attorney.   

If you desire to have a direct email conversation with me about the requirements of either our Florida Constitution or our US Constitution , then please forward your oath of office, your bond, and your commission so I can validate who you are.

Otherwise, I am in a plain language conversation with a public servant with the name [Mr. Supervisor]. If he is in fact a bonafide officeholder in our government, then because he takes funds from the public treasury he will have already become knowledgeable on both Constitutions as he had to swear an oath to both and therefore he will be able to carry on a competent conversation directly with me about his duties under both Constitutions. 

If instead he swore an oath but doesn't understand either or both Constitutions, he has committed crimes and breached statutes including but not limited to perjury, fraud, breach of oath of office, dereliction of duty, impersonating a public official as well as simulating a legal process under the color of law.

Please advise [Mr. Supervisor] that you will not be interfering any more with my conversation with him and that I fully expect him to first fulfill ALL of his duties under both Constitutions if he is indeed a bonafide public servant working for our government, secondly to produce his proper oath of office, his bond, his bond holder, and his commission.  He will need to answer my questions directly without your interference. 


[Mr. Rancher]

What do you think of that??