An Alternative to ObamaCare: Freedom

An Alternative to ObamaCare:  Freedom

While I'm still unable to find anything in the Constitution that allows the federal government to get involved in healthcare, let alone to force you to purchase something, the Supreme Court has justified its existence by calling it a tax.

In June, however, the Supreme Court will offer their opinion, once again, in a case (King vs Burwell) that has the potential to severely weaken Obamacare.

In a statement released by Americans For Prosperity, Tim Phillips, President of AFP, said:

"As the Supreme Court yet again considers the legality of certain elements of ObamaCare, it is important to remember this convoluted system is one that the majority of Americans do not want and do not like. From the beginning, the Obama Administration has played politics with the healthcare of millions of Americans, and the result has been cancelled plans, skyrocketing insurance premiums, and lost access to doctors.  Years after passage, the ObamaCare fiasco continues to wreak havoc on the lives of millions.

Now the Supreme Court will decide whether the IRS can impose taxes, subsidies, and penalties on states who chose to opt-out of ObamaCare. Whatever their decision, we hope the Obama Administration will take responsibility for forcing this broken system on the American people.”

A Simple Cure for ObamaCare: Freedom

Phil Gramm wrote the article, A Simple Cure for ObamaCare: Freedom, in the Wall Street Journal in February, and said:

"If the court strikes down the payment of government subsidies to those who bought health insurance on the federal exchange, Republicans will at last have a real opportunity to amend ObamaCare."

Senator Gramm suggested that a bill be drafted...

"that guarantees the right of individuals and businesses to opt out of ObamaCare, buy the health insurance they choose from any willing seller (with risk pools completely separate from ObamaCare), millions of Americans would rejoice and exercise this freedom."

"Every American should have the right to decide not to participate in ObamaCare: If you like ObamaCare and its subsidies, you can keep it. If you don’t, you are free to buy the health insurance that fits your needs."

"The opposition would come solely from those who understand that ObamaCare is built on coercion—and that unless young, healthy Americans are forced into the program to be exploited with above-market insurance rates, the subsidies will prove unaffordable. That will be an exceedingly difficult case to make to the public."

"By extinguishing coercion, the freedom option would put ObamaCare on the path to extinction. Without the ability to exploit the young and healthy, the Affordable Care Act will collapse under its own funding weight, all but guaranteeing a 2017 revision of the entire law."

In Florida, Gramm said that with 2.5 million people receiving subsidies through the federal exchange, the "freedom option" should provide "the political high ground in demanding that their citizens be given the right to opt out of ObamaCare."  He suggested that "Restoring this freedom would be what Republicans demand for setting up state exchanges or supporting the restoration of federal-exchange subsidies."

In the Tampa Tribune, former State Rep. Deb Tamargo wrote that "The [Florida] Senate is considering a proposal (SPB 7044) to create a Florida-run private insurance exchange. The legislation requires qualified participants to pay monthly premiums, and they must either work or go to school."

With the SCOTUS King vs Burwell decision and the start of hurricane season virtually coinciding this June, Florida should make sure we are prepared by crafting a Florida-based solution that meets the specific needs of our people.

Personally, I agree with Chairwoman Tamargo when she said,"The Legislature should consider backup plans to deal with this situation, whatever happens with the federal government and Supreme Court."

I don't know about you, but I always prefer the Freedom option.