10 Counties completed thus far in the #ConsentOfTheGoverned Book Tour

"Jason is a modern-day political archaeologist, uncovering what has been there all along."
- Tom Gaitens, Tampa, FL

"The Flagler County Tea Party not only appreciated the clear and direct information on a topic that was little known before that evening but also enjoyed the way Jason presented the material."
- Nikki White, Flagler County Tea Party

Since the launch of my book, Consent of the Governed - The People's Guide to Holding Government Accountable, no week has been as busy as this third week in November 2015.

Over the past several weeks I presented in Duval, Highlands, Orange, Charlotte, Hardee and Manatee Counties, but I visited the Flagler County Tea Party, Republican Mentor's Club of Brevard, the North Lake Tea Party and the Gainesville Tea Party in just four of the last five days.

Audiences relate to the presentation because of their frustration due to a severe increase in lies, corruption, backroom deals, lawlessness and injustice commonplace in government institutions at the national, state and local levels.  Throughout the presentation they quickly realize the people's most powerful weapon to check and balance the government has been hijacked.

"We don't have to wait for elections to hold government accountable!"

Vance Jochim, a government watchdog and former corporate auditor, wrote a great piece at FiscalRangers.com after my presentation in Lake County.  Vance writes:

"...if government officials demanded a pay to play campaign contribution, OR approved a zoning change that harmed property rights of the owner, they could be investigated very quickly by citizens without waiting for government bureaucrats, County Attorneys or Prosecutors to act.

Hoyt performed significant research to support his recommendations.   Apparently government attorneys in the past made changes to laws to make people think a CLGJ cannot be called without being run by government prosecutors, but Hoyt describes how they are wrong."

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The Highlands County Tea Party has met every single Tuesday for several years.  In addition, they have added an additional meeting every week on Thursday evenings teaching a class on my book.

Since my launch in August, they've purchased FOUR cases of my book for their members!

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Here is a recent interview I did for a local radio show in Volusia County, FL.

Vance Jochim recorded my presentation at the North Lake Tea Party:

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