Trevor Loudon Announces Strategy for 2016 - The Ultimate Presidential Ticket - Do You Agree? Tell Me What You Think

What Do You Think of Trevor Loudon's Strategy for the Ultimate 2016 Presidential Ticket?

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At the Greater Orlando Tea Party meeting on Friday, September 26th, Tevor Loudon announced his plan for the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary.  He suggested a candidate pick his Vice President and Cabinet members early and run as one large coalition.  A few of the names suggested include:

President:  Senator Ted Cruz
Vice President:  Fmr. Congressman Allen West
Secretary of the Treasury:  Senator Rand Paul
Secretary of Labor:  Governor Scott Walker
Secretary of State:  Ambassador John Bolton
Dept. of the Interior:  Senator Mike Lee
Dept. of Energy:  Governor Sarah Palin
Ambassador to the United Nations:
Attorney General:
 Congressman Trey Gowdy
Dept. of Education:  David Barton
Health & Human Services:  Dr. Ben Carson

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