Welcome to the Fundamentally Transformed "United" States of Amerika - Department of Injustice Style


'How To Save Our Republic -
America's #WarOnStatism'

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"The Empty Promise of Accountability"


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Welcome to the Fundamentally Transformed "United" States of Amerika
- Department of Injustice Style -

We live in a bizarro world where up is down and down is up -- where left is right and right is racist -- where it's okay to call someone "intolerant" while calling for their censorship -- where it's a double murder when killing a pregnant woman but it's okay for that woman and a doctor to murder her unborn baby -- where we fine people for growing their own food -- where we suspend a student for sticking up for a classmate against a bully -- and it's okay to use snipers, helicopters, tazers and attack dogs on a family rancher in an effort to protect a turtle. 

Our fundamentally transformed Amerika is where government officials, whose actions are absolutely repugnant to the Constitution, will completely ignore the outrage against them, or where they, in the most extreme case with pressure from the people rising up in anger, will merely resign to assuage the discontent.

Is there such a thing as "consequences" anymore?

Is resignation enough?  When someone oversees one the most powerful and intimidating federal agencies of our "American" government during a time when it's policy to target groups based on their political beliefs was made public - is it okay just to leave office a month early?  Is that punishment enough?  By the way, has anyone heard from Steven Miller of the IRS lately?  Or is he just off somewhere enjoying his retirement with a full government pension laughing as he gleefully takes his retirement checks to the bank each month?

More recently, though, after the announcement that Attorney General Eric Holder was resigning, a friend recently posted, "Finally, Eric Holder is being held accountable!"

Wait a minute.  "Accountable?"  Is that really what "accountability" is all about?

ac·count·a·ble - (əˈkountəbəl), adjective - 

  1. (of a person, organization, or institution) required or expected to justify actions or decisions; responsible.

ac·count·a·bil·i·ty - (əˌkountəˈbilitē), noun - 

  1. the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.

re·spon·si·bil·i·ty - (riˌspänsəˈbilətē), noun - 

  1. the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone.

  2. the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something.

Here's an infographic from the Daily Signal with a timeline of Eric Holder controversies.

POP QUIZ:  Which of the following Actions match their Consequences??

Be sure to file these under, #FacepalmHeadlines

Steven Miller of the IRS, After Overseeing the Tyrannical Agency that Targeted Americans Based on their Beliefs, Leaves Post a Month Early

MORDOR, USA (Washington, D.C.) - Steven Miller resigns a month early from the IRS.  "It is with regret that I will be departing from the IRS as my acting assignment ends in early June," Miller wrote in his resignation letter.  But Miller also suggested he would not be leaving the post right away.  "As I wrap up my time at the IRS," he wrote, "I will be focused on an orderly transition." - story here and here.

Family Fined $500 Per Day for Growing a Garden

ORLANDO, FL -  Jason and Jennifer Helvenston's vegetable garden is on the chopping block again after the city threatened fines if they don't uproot it by Thursday, according to the Institute for Justice Florida Chapter, "...resulting in fines up to $500 a day" - story here.

Student Suspended for Confronting a Bully

ELMWOOD PARK HIGH SCHOOL, IL - Mark Rivera, a high school football player, had a talk with another student that was bullying a classmate.  “He said some comments so I turned back and I took a step forward,” Rivera told WBBM.  For that, he was suspended.  - story here.

Christian Baker Sentenced to "Re-education" for Opposing Homosexual Marriage and Forced to Make Cakes

DENVER, CO - Jack Phillips, a Christian baker, refused to make a gay wedding cake which landed him in trouble with the law. Now, he faces "compliance" requirements that threaten the First Amendment. - story here.

Orlando Makes it Illegal to Feed Homeless Without Government Permission - Mayor Buddy Dyer Calls Group "Food Terrorists" for Defying City Code

Orlando, FL - In "The City Beautiful", it is now illegal to feed the homeless in the city's downtown park, Lake Eola.  In order to do so, residents must obtain permission in the form of a permit.  In June, 2011, a group named "Food Not Bombs" demonstrated the absurdity of the city code by feeding the homeless and facing arrest.  Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer called them "Food Terrorists." - story here.

Judge Rules City Can Seize and Demolish a Church for a For-Profit Soccer Stadium

Orlando, FL - A Florida judge recently approved the city of Orlando’s efforts to use eminent domain to take private property in order to build a stadium for a Major League Soccer team, the Orlando City SC. - story here.  

Update:  The city decided not to do it. "...it is up to citizens to follow Orlando’s example by telling government officials that they cannot confiscate property for the advantage of professional sports franchises." - updated story here.

IRS Steals Daughter's Money 4 Years After Mother's Death for Social Security Overpayments 37 Years Ago

Takoma Park, MD - Social Security claims it overpaid someone in the Grice family — it’s not sure who — in 1977. After 37 years of silence, four years after Sadie Grice died, the government is coming after her daughter. Why the feds chose to take Mary’s money, rather than her surviving siblings’, is a mystery. - story here.

I fear for this nation as more and more of our man-made laws seem diametrically opposed to God's Law.  

"For it is written, I live, saith the Lord, and every knee shall bow to me, and all tongues shall confess unto God.  So then everyone of us shall give accounts of himself to God."
— Romans 14:11-12, from the 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

Lets discuss real Accountability for a moment.  We all talk about it.  Every tea party, 912, local and national grassroots organization talks about it all the time.  We all proclaim, "We need to hold them accountable!"

But how?

Learn more by reading another excerpt from my upcoming book, How To Save Our Republic - America's #WarOnStatism. in a post titled,

"We The People Don't Have to Wait for Elections!"