What Women Really Want - Interview with @ThePolitiChicks Ann-Marie Murrell, Morgan Brittany and Dr. Gina Loudon

Interview with @ThePolitiChicks
Ann-Marie Murrell, Morgan Brittany
and Dr. Gina Loudon
Authors of 'What Women Really Want '

On Friday, August 29th, 2014 at AFP's Defending The Dream Summit in Dallas, TX, I had the honor of spending a few minutes with the authors of the new book, What Women Really Want.

Of all the interviews I did that weekend, I must admit this one was most enjoyable.  These ladies are a class act and know how to  make a point and have a great time while they're at it.

The authors are Ann-Marie Murrell, Morgan Brittany and Dr. Gina Loudon.  They are each stars in their own right, but have worked together for years at PolitiChicks.com promoting the cause of Liberty, self-reliance and personal responsibility.  

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The article I mention in the intro regarding holding our elected officials accountable on a daily basis instead of waiting every two years for an election is at

Ann-Marie Murrell is the original PolitiChick anchor and is the CEO/Editor-in-Chief of PolitiChicks.com, which was nominated at CPAC 2013 as the “People’s Choice Blogger of the Year”. ----> Full Bio here

Morgan Brittany, PolitiChicks anchor, has been a film, television and stage actress for over 50 years. She began her career as a child appearing in the films "The Birds", "Gypsy" and "Yours, Mine and Ours". She appeared in over 150 television shows and became a member of the cast of the enormously successful show "Dallas". ----> Full Bio here

Dr. Gina Loudon is the host of Smart Life with Dr. Gina on MoneyBizLife Network seen every weekday in cities around the country on BizTV and heard on the BizTalkRadio Network. She is a frequent guest on Fox News and Fox Business Networks and has appeared on other networks including Al Jazeera and Comedy Central's Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Dr. Gina is a psychology expert, Politichicks.com anchor, WorldNetDaily and Townhall.com columnist, and is the co-author of Ladies and Gentlemen: Why the Survival of our Republic Depends on the Revival of Honor. ----> Full Bio here