Interview on The American Adversaries - 660AM WORL The Answer - Gov Officials Charged with Bribery for Common Core and MORE

On Monday, August 18th, 2014, I appeared in-studio on The American Adversaries Radio Show on 660AM WORL The Answer to break news out of Dixie County, FL where the People's Grand Jury Under Common Law in Dixie County filed two (2) True Bill Presentments with the County Clerk.  

The first was against State Attorney Jeffrey A. Siegmeister for Obstruction of Justice and Tampering with the Jury.  

The second named several local and state officials for Bribery in the implementation of Common Core.

For a full report, visit my latest blog post here:

BREAKING NEWS! - Grand Jury Charges Government Officials of Bribery, Jury Tampering and Obstruction of Justice

For background information regarding a True Bill Presentment:

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