I Wonder if President Obama's Secret Service Respected Chipotle's Gun Policy

The Huffington Post, on May 19, 2014, released this story about Chipotle's new policy of no guns allowed in their stores.  Notice in the HuffPo Live segment how she refers to them as "military style" guns.  Words have meanings and then words have connotations.  Here, the purposeful use of the word "military" is to create an intimidating image while ignoring fact.  Nicely played for the typical audience of the Huffington Post, for certain.


I recently had a Texas friend ask me what I thought of the tactics of some of the "open-carry" supporters where they enter stores and walk public streets with "huge" guns.  Of course the have the right to do so as "shall not be infringed" means shall not be infringed.  But should they?  As a strategist I'd have to suggest that there has to be a better way to educate the public on the real meaning and intent behind our God given natural right to defend ourselves as protected by the 2nd Amendment.  


Speaking of government overreach (pun intended):  President Obama recently visited a Chipotle restaurant near the White House where he committed a serious faux pas by reaching over the sneeze guard.

Listen to the ridiculous statement this ABC "news" personality made at the end of this segment. 

Question:  Did the President's Secret Service leave their guns outside?


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