3 Videos You May Need to Watch Every Day

I don't like negative energy.  I'm a dreamer.  I like new ideas.  I like thinking about possibilities and what's-to-come.  

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right." 
Henry Ford

I've found that if you spend too much time battling negative people or reading too many headlines of our world-gone-mad, you may just convince yourself not to try, to quit before you even start or that whatever your goal may be may just be impossible or not even worth the effort.  

And worse, yet, given the insanity of where the economy is headed or the fact that the federal government is buying up insane amounts of ammo, you may even convince yourself to pack up and head for the hills (a thought that's certainly crossed my mind a time or two, I must admit.  Seriously.  You should see my bug-out bag hanging in my closet.).


With that said, I find its important to feed your mind with that can-do attitude I still believe we all have within us.  That's why I created the 'Motivation Playlist by JasonWHoyt' on YouTube.   These videos are a great source of energy and inspiration.

Before showcasing three of my favorites, visit my MOTIVATION page and bookmark it and share it often.  I add to the Playlist when I see a video that's really inspiring.  


As my Dad would say in
- HOYTISM #3 -
"All you have to do is turn that Want-To Valve all the way open!"

Here are three of my current favorites that are included in my 'Motivation Playlist':