McConnell Seeks To “Crush” American Principles & Values

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is completely out of touch.

Just how out of touch Mitch McConnell has grown over three decades was demonstrated effortlessly by the Senator in his recent New York Times interview

Referring to the tea party and the candidates challenging Republican establishment incumbents in primaries in Kansas, Mississippi and other states, including his own primary race in Kentucky, in the most arrogant and dismissive brush-aside he could muster, McConnell proclaimed:  “…we are going to crush them everywhere”.

Sadly, what Mitch McConnell’s Republican establishment cronies, who have trampled our God given liberties and run this country into the ground; and, their devoted bulldog guardians like Karl Rove, who declared war on the tea party, fail to understand is that the tea party isn’t an organization, a group or a website.  The tea party is not a club, a membership society or a guild.


What establishment politicians
have never understood is this:
the tea party is an idea.  It’s a state of mind.  

And, most importantly, it is the very same idea and state of mind, from which Mr. McConnell and the establishment have strayed, that birthed this nation and on which our Founders launched the greatest experiment in freedom and liberty ever seen by mankind.

The tea party is simply a stringent belief by millions of American citizens in the most basic time-tested Principles and Values that have made this country great.

Where the current elite establishment ruling class has strangled our nation with unsustainable debt, excessive taxes, more central plans, more unconstitutional government programs, more mandates, more domestic spying, more intimidation by the IRS, resulting in less freedom and less opportunity for our citizens; the tea party has focused on a set of American Principles and Values that have shined as a beacon of freedom and hope to countless millions throughout the world.    

-  We know that the US Constitution exists, and that every politician swears an oath to protect and defend it. 
-  We know that the Constitution, by its very words, is designed to limit government’s power and authority over our lives.
-  We believe in fiscal responsibility.
-  We believe that its unethical to enslave future generations with the irresponsible and out of control spending seen today.
-  We believe that no government should spend more than they take in.
-  We believe in Liberty for all.
-  We believe that government should not pick winners and losers in the economy.
-  We believe the only role that government should play in our economy is to ensure markets are free from corruption.
-  We believe by historical precedent in the power of free markets.  

These are all American Principles and Values at their very core, and one should ask what kind of American can argue their disagreement?

There are those that believe so strongly in these ideas that they boldly spend their time and initiative to attend events and rallies, visit liberty group websites and blogs and generally express themselves in the public arena as ‘tea party’, but it’s important to understand they’re not alone.

There are millions of Moms and Dads, Grandpas and Grandmas, business owners and employees and all nature of American citizens that may be too busy meeting the demands of their lives to actually engage in the outward and public expression of these beliefs.

So what is Mitch McConnell saying, whether knowingly or blinded by arrogance and hunger for power?

-  Mitch McConnell wants to crush the very reason this country was founded.
-  Mitch McConnell wants to crush and ignore the Constitution.
-  He wants to crush the idea of being fiscally responsible.
-  He wants to crush our children’s future by enslaving them with debt.
-  He wants to crush our children’s opportunities by forcing them to pay higher taxes.
-  He wants to crush the idea and belief that the government should only spend that which it receives in taxes.
-  He wants to crush personal liberty by empowering central planners in Washington DC because they know what’s best for our lives.

Mitch McConnell wants to crush small business by using government force to pick winners and losers.

Really, Senator?

“Crushing” the ‘tea party’ “crushes” those American Principles and Values we hold dear, and it’s not just political rhetoric.  The Senator’s voting record actually proves it.  Throughout Mr. McConnell’s 30-year career he has voted for more debt, unbalanced budgets, Obamacare funding and many unconstitutional programs blatantly contrary to these values.

Senator Mitch McConnell’s threat to “crush” these time-tested Principles and Values should offend every American, not just those that have the time to attend meetings and rallies.