How America and Most of the Media Missed the Real Bundy Ranch Story

Bundy Ranch - Come and Take It - Molon Labe

Several types of “journalists” in the old and new media exist today.  There are many that have an agenda that dabble in speculation, that are loose with the facts, that don’t completely research links between stories while there are many that play the identity politics, character assassination and/or the political drama game. 

On the other hand, there are a few out there that try their best to remain impartial and non-partisan – almost to a fault.  These reporters try so hard to remain unbiased they end up missing opportunities to explore reasons why stories are stories and even when additional avenues open up, they refuse to find out where they lead because they’re afraid the road may end up making themselves appear biased.   

The Cliven Bundy Ranch story, in my opinion, involved news reports from all of the above.

I could discuss and provide links that show where some jumped to conclusions without real tight facts while others were quick to loosely link already despised political figures in order to gin up dissension.  In addition, I could show where some were so stubborn verifying their given set of limited facts they ended up leaving out entire swaths of the timeline that led up to those same verifiable facts. 

And lastly, many in the media did their best to narrowly focus on the militia-types with long gray beards and scary black guns while pointing out that Cliven Bundy hasn't paid his fees to the government.  This is what’s referred to as “driving a narrative.”

But let’s look at a few facts for a moment:

  1. The Constitution of the United States exists.
  2. The Constitution lists what functions the federal government can perform.
  3. Every politician, oftentimes with one hand on the Bible, swears an oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

Those are facts. 

Reporters, it seemed, used to really love the “gotcha” question where they corner a politician with a question they can’t answer while shamefully displaying insecurity from being put “on the spot.”  Where are those journalists???

With an ever-increasing number of regulations being generated by unelected bureaucrats, however, and with a $17+ Trillion national debt and unfunded liabilities over $100 Trillion spent on programs that are clearly outside the limits of the Constitution, one would think these questions would be asked by everyone all the time. 

In my opinion, there are three very important questions that were completely missed by the media in the Bundy Ranch story. 

WHY does the federal government own and control so much land? 

WHERE in the Constitution did they get the authority?

IS the federal land being used as collateral against our debt?

To me, if you’re not asking these questions you’re completely missing the story. 

If all you focus on are court orders, unpaid fees and 20 years of stubbornness – you’re going to miss the story.  Or, if you try and pin Harry Reid and his son on some business deal with the Chi-coms – you’re also going to miss the story.

Yes, those things are filled with drama, innuendo and scandalous insider elitist cronyism – a proven recipe for increased page views and Facebook “Likes”.  But if Harry Reid’s son’s business deal is canceled or Cliven Bundy’s cattle are taken and/or returned – the federal government will still own over 84% of Nevada.  Learn more

So how in the world did we get to the point where we can all completely ignore the proper role of government, the Constitution and the oath sworn by every politician?

UPDATE:  On Monday, April 14, 2014 at 1 pm local time at the Bundy Ranch, Sheriff Richard Mack, a delegation of state lawmakers from several western states and Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oathkeepers joined the Bundy family for a press conference.  

Cliven Bundy discussed the dereliction of duty by Sheriff's across the country as well as the media in their poor coverage of this important story.  

Cliven Bundy said to Clark County Nevada's local Sheriff, "Sheriff Gillespie, your work is not done.  And to every County Sheriff across the United States: take the guns away from the bureaucrats!"

Referring to the proper role of the local and state governments, "Opening the gate should have been the Governor's job and the County Sheriff should have been there protecting him."

Press Conference here as recorded by the Pete Santilli Show (event starts at the 10:00 min mark in video).