Interview with Chris Burgard - Director of

Interview with Chris Burgard - Director of

Honored to be joined by Chris Burgard, Director of the upcoming movie, Beyond The Border.  Ten years ago, Chris warned America with his award-winning film, Border, with a rollout that included a special screening before Congress. 

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Chris is back to expose the truth the Media Industrial Complex won't report and to educate the American people including our servants in Washington, D.C., once again, about the dangerous invasion and its affects taking place today beyond the border.

Most of us that live outside a border state fail to understand the true impact.  Thanks to Chris and his team, we'll learn the truth.

Crowd-Funding Campaign

This time he needs our help raising money to finish the film and get it released before more damage is done.  Please visit his site,, and share this with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

Fundraiser:  Page at Indiegogo
Twitter:  @BackToTheBorder

Trailer for Chris Burgard's original movie, BORDER.