Obama's #WarOnSeniors is Back! - Raiding Medicare for Obamacare, Rationing Boards and Prescription Drug Controls

Yes, it must be election time.  I covered this story what seems just about 2 years ago around this time where numerous Republicans and conservative groups were standing up to Obama's threats of putting "price controls" on the "free market" aspects of Medicare Part D which seem to have actually been successful thus far.  

What's predictable is that while Obama and his congressional allies blame Republicans in campaign ads for threatening to push Grandma off the cliff, they're actually advancing policies behind the scenes that will do just what they're projecting on others.  

"By their fruits ye shall know them."

Matthew 7:20 - 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

Here's an excerpt from a recent article by Grover Norquist at Huffington Post:

"Most recently, Obama and his allies have directed their war on seniors to Medicare Part D, the popular prescription drug benefit in Medicare. Relying on free market principles, Part D allows providers to compete with one another to deliver drug benefits to seniors. This competition has driven down prices and saved money for both seniors and the Medicare Trust Fund. Premiums for seniors average about $31 per month (far below the $56 originally forecast) and the cost to Medicare is more than 40% under budget.

Putting the power in the hands of seniors to choose a Part D plan that suits their needs has also resulted in satisfaction rates above 90%, unheard of for most government programs.

The successful free market "beachhead" in Medicare that Part D represents is anathema to command and control liberals. It's downright embarrassing to have a well-functioning part of Medicare existing alongside the hulking failure that the traditional Medicare system has become for younger workers.

Liberals have tried to undermine Part D by imposing "rebates" (Translation: price controls) similar to the failed Medicaid system. When the Republican House blocked the imposition of price controls, the Obama administration attempted through rulemaking to limit the number of plans from which seniors could choose."

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