#JusticeForTerry - After 21 Days in Jail, Trussell Faces Judge Hankinson's Closed Society

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The Constitution Doesn't Apply
in Dixie County, North Korea

Dixie County, North Korea - On Thursday, October 30th, 2014, Terry Trussell, the man that was arrested at his arraignment for "Failure to Appear" (still baffles me how that's even possible), after spending 21 days in jail, finally had his arraignment.   After he was released, he joined a small group for lunch and shared a few stories.

In today's show, I discuss what happened at Terry's arraignment (the 2nd one he has attended).  I also had a quick exclusive interview with Terry when he was released and sat with him and a large group of patriots that traveled even as far as Texas.  

KrisAnne Hall has been following this story, as well, and shared a few thoughts as we left the court house.  

I started today's show by asking a serious question.  And I really want you to think about this.  

When you think about America -- what words come to mind?

Liberty, freedom, equality, opportunity, justice, right vs. wrong, independence?

You might think of the Declaration of Independence where we declared our independence from the King.  We said our rights come from God.  We have natural rights.  We formed a government, "to secure these rights".  And the government gets its consent from the governed.  Where We The People have the power.

You may even think of the Constitution, which was written to protect our rights and to tell the government what it can and cannot do in regards to some of those rights.  

You may even think of the First Amendment, for example, that protects our natural God given right to free speech.  Remember, the first amendment doesn't give us this right,....this right is naturally ours, the Constitution, again, was written to protect our rights.  Freedom of the Press.  We have the right to due process.  

This is the essence of America.  Land of the Free, right?

Let's describe for a moment, a place that's opposite of America -- I don't know, say, North Korea.  

North Korea is a closed society.  its ruled by a dictator.  there's no freedom in North Korea.  There's no justice.  In North Korea, you're completely at the mercy of their ruler.  

Remember, the only pictures that really come out of North Korea have to be approved by their government.   And any video most certainly has to be approved and who knows if its been doctored and edited to only show what they want you to see.  If you try to bring your own recording equipment without their consent it'll be confiscated. And if you try to visit North Korea, there's all sorts of complications.   And you MUST have a government approved escort.  There's no way you can go into North Korea on your own and say, represent yourself.  

Well, I just got back from visiting the realm of dictator Kim Jong Hankinson in Dixie County, FL, which seems as far from America as you can get.  

With the same reply used when rounding up the Jews, Dixie County Deputy ignores the Constitution saying, "I'm just following orders" standing next to a sign before entering their secret society.

With the same reply used when rounding up the Jews, Dixie County Deputy ignores the Constitution saying, "I'm just following orders" standing next to a sign before entering their secret society.

In Kim Jong Hankinson's realm, there is no freedom of speech.  He reminds his subjects that they only speak when he grants them the opportunity.  When someone raises their hand he's quick to tell them to put their hand down and to order his henchmen to arrest anyone else who dares to interrupt while he's ruling his jurisdiction,...er, kingdom.

In Kim Jong Hankinson's realm, which, by the way, isn't actually his realm as he was sent to Dixie County to temporarily rule over that kingdom because the local justice system may not fall in line, I guess -- in his realm you can't record what happens.  Its a closed society.  You can't bring anything in that could show the outside world what actually happens once he's in command.  You can buy a government provided copy for $25 and wait a couple weeks, but you most certainly can't record anything on your own.  

What Are They Trying To Hide???

And oddly enough, Kim Jong Hankinson is ever so bent on making sure you don't dare walk into his realm without a government approved, union-dues-paying representation.