#JusticeForTerry - Man Appears in Court, Gets Arrested for Failure to Appear

Terry Trussell Appears in Court and is Arrested for "Failure To Appear"

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Injustice:  Dixie County Man Appears in Court, Gets Arrested for Failure to Appear

On September 2nd, Terry Trussell, a resident of Dixie County and Veteran of Vietnam at 70 years of age, was arrested for allegedly violating the obscure statute 843.0855, Criminal Actions under Color of Law through use of a Simulated Legal Process.

In a bizarre twist of events, Mr. Trussell was arrested at his arraignment in the Dixie County Courthouse on Thursday, October 9, 2014 for "Failure To Appear."

Yes, you read that correctly.  While standing in the courtroom, after answering the Judge, Terry was arrested and taken into custody for not showing up.  

When Judge James Hankinson called for Terry Trussell's hearing to begin, Terry stood up and announced he was prepared to speak on the matter.  Judge Hankinson then addressed him directly asking if he was Terry George Trussell and shortly after Terry began his reply, stating, "I am a living, breathing,...", Judge Hankinson interrupted his response and once again asked for Terry to appear.

After Terry, still the only man standing in the courtroom beside the deputies, proclaimed "For the record, I am hear to speak on that matter", the judge rebutted saying, "Let the record reflect Mr. Trussell has not appeared" and ordered him to be arrested without bond.  

Terry then declared, "I object, your honor, I am here!"

Dixie County Sherif Dewey Hatcher's deputies then approached Terry and took him into custody.  

To this day, it is not clear why Judge Hankinson refused to listen to or acknowledge Mr. Trussell.

Dozens of people who attended in support of Terry were astonished as Terry was handcuffed and lead out of the room by two deputies.  

As of the time of this printing, Mr. Trussell has not been released.

This story has captured the attention of local residents as well as the people of Florida.  As a result, many are planning to attend the Dixie County Board of Commissioners meeting this Thursday, October 16, 2014 at 6:00 PM at the Dixie County Courthouse at 214 Northeast Highway 351, Cross City, FL 32628.

As the justice system is supposed to be blind, they are now considered deaf, too.  Meanwhile, a friend to many and husband to an amazing wife, Terry George Trussell sits in jail awaiting another try at his day in court. 


Jason W. Hoyt is the host of American Patriots Radio at www.JasonWHoyt.com and has been following this story closely for several month.  You can contact Mr. Hoyt via Twitter @JasonWHoyt or at his website www.JasonWHoyt.com

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