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American Patriots Radio - May 12, 2012 - Today's Show

When??Every Saturday, 10am to 12 Noon EST

Where?? - 1190AM WAMT Orlando - 1060 WIXC Titusville (up and down the East Coast of Florida) - Streaming LIVE here. - Stream it LIVE on your iPad or iPhone here.

The mission of the American Patriots Radio show is to be your conduit to those in America that are making a HUGE difference in the battle to save our Republic.  This show isn’t about the same ol’ talking heads and opinion-makers that you hear all throughout the week.  Listeners to the American Patriots Radio show are some of the most well-informed in all of talk radio, but each week they’re eager to find out what they can do about it.

Most talking heads, political pundits and radio hosts will get you to a fever pitch of frustration with what’s going on in our country, but on American Patriots Radio, I’ll introduce you to some amazing American Patriots who are up off the couch and making a major impact in their area.

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On this week’s show, we’ll hear from:

- Dr. Tom Trevisani, Executive Director of

We'll get an update on The 1830 Project's radio ads that have been following President Obama on his campaign trips across the country and find out how YOU can get involved in preparing the next generation for fiscal responsibility and independence. More information on The 1830 Project hereSegment HERE.

- Don Forward of the Titusville Patriots is our "Tea Party Hero of the Week!" Most organizations get involved in National and State issues, but once in a while you find a group that affects change in their local areas.  Hear how Don and his group awakened their local city council on the dangers of Agenda 21.  More information about the Titusville Patriots here.

- Michael Ertel, Seminole County, FL Supervisor of Elections Mike and I will talk about voter fraud and how he's preparing for it in Seminole County.  We'll discuss the report released this week by Accuracy in Media that details what the big progressive groups like ACORN are capable of, what they've done in the past and what they may be planning again this year. We'll also talk about the upcoming Saturday afternoon event at 1:30pm, the Central Florida Stump. More information at

- Slade O'Brien, State Director of Americans For Prosperity - Florida Slade and I will talk about the AFP - Florida sponsored “Citizen Watchdog Training” in conjunction with the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity next Saturday, May 19th @ 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM at the Sheraton Orlando Downtown.  We'll also talk about AFP's latest national advertisement, Americans on Obama's Wasteful Spending, that showcases everyday Americans frustrated by spending taxpayer money on overseas renewable energy companies.  More information about AFP Florida here or on Twitter here.

Pollster Frank Luntz appeared on Hannity to talk about the effectiveness of AFP's advertisement.

- Brandon Millett, co-Founder of the GI Film Festival In 2007, Brandon and his wife founded the GI Film Festival to honor our troops, to share the stories of their successes and their sacrifices.  Next week, I'll be traveling to Washington, D.C. to attend and broadcast from the Festival. Here's the trailer of their upcoming festival, May 14-20 in Washington, D.C. More information about the  GI Film Festival here.

- Todd Catella, Chairman of the Honor Flight of Central Florida (HFCFL) Todd and a group of local patriots, in an effort to honor and serve our WWII Veterans for their incredible service, have recently formed the newest hub of the Honor Flight network of organizations right here in our back yard.  We'll be talking about their inaugural flight coming up on June 9th, 2012 as they take 25 veterans to see their memorials in Washington, D.C. for the day.  More information here.

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Breakfast with Anita MonCrief, Brandon Darby & Andrew Breitbart - by AFP Florida & "Suite Tea"

On Friday, September 23rd, 2011 in Orlando, Florida, Americans For Prosperity - Florida and the "Suite Tea" Hospitality Suite hosted by the Tea Party Movement of Florida, proudly sponsored a breakfast with Anita MonCrief, Brandon Darby & Andrew Breitbart.