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Its a Bizarro World - "Woe to those who call evil, good..."

What Would George Washington Think"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness;" (Isaiah 5:20) Please take the time and look at these videos and SHARE this page with your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.  Please note; there's so much more evidence out there that we live in a backwards, illogical  world that simply lacks common sense and a common decency towards our fellow man -- all occurring with a complete lack of will to solve the problems we face today.

I weep for future generations.

Murdering babies via abortion is okay.....while saying we have to confiscate guns to protect children. - TED - Conception to Birth Visualized - http://youtu.be/fKyljukBE70 - Obama's Shameless Use of Children - http://youtu.be/qXlNyZYFQg8 - Obama, "punished with a baby" - http://youtu.be/jszkPtsFH-k

Giving guns to Mexican drug cartels is okay.....while taking them from law abiding citizens. - Katie Pavlich on Fast & Furious - http://youtu.be/b3Ki3QBtqbU - 15 Yr Old Girl Explains the 2nds Amendment - http://youtu.be/Qb4_zeJbyAo

Benghazi isn't investigated.....while saying it doesn't matter now. - White House Benghazi Cover Up - http://youtu.be/zzcuQRiTlnQ - Hillary Clinton, What Difference Does It Make - http://youtu.be/t6rj9ms07l4 - White House Emails Reveal "really stupid cover up" - http://youtu.be/tA267ttgWvs

2 billion rounds of ammo are purchased.....while saying ....essentially nada. - Megyn Kelly Interviews CA Congressman - http://youtu.be/OIE_k_yFd5I

Illegal spying, kill lists and targeting Americans via drones is okay.....while saying its only to keep us safe. - ReasonTV: Cops with Drones - http://youtu.be/PX4oeZwwpqM - Rand Paul Filibuster Highlights: #StandWithRand - http://youtu.be/2-tuFD2RUPI

Giving tanks and f-16's to Egypt is okay.....while saying its in our national interests. - Sen. Rand Paul Floor Speech - http://youtu.be/Dm8APCgYpmw - Kerry & Obama Give Aid to Egypt - http://youtu.be/HA0z_ruYnK4

Spending more and more tax dollars is okay.....while saying it's necessary to reduce the debt. - VP Biden "Spend money to keep from going bankrupt" - http://youtu.be/LHFEcyUNBjg

Printing money is okay.....while saying it's necessary to stabilize the economy. - Tom Woods at the Ludwig Von Mises Institute on Sound Money - http://youtu.be/h-PxMzSyujw - The Creature from Jekyll Island - Federal Reserve - http://youtu.be/lu_VqX6J93k - LearnLiberty Answers Why Not Print More Money? - http://youtu.be/ZkyBnaYCUhw

Substantially increasing our national debt is okay.....while saying taxing the rich will be enough to pay for it. - Obama "Rich must pay their fair share.  Its Math" - http://youtu.be/IFQoaF5KIcw - LearnLiberty Answers Will Taxing The Rich Balance the Budget? - http://youtu.be/FC5Gkox-1QY

Ignoring unfunded liabilities is okay.....while saying there's an account with your name on it. - LearnLiberty Answers Do We Have a Revenue or a Spending Problem? - http://youtu.be/pES9C7fX_Co - LearnLiberty Answers How Big is the US Debt? - http://youtu.be/Q-w-8fXzwQE

Allowing those who broke immigration laws to move ahead of those that are following the law.....while saying ....wait, what's the reason for that again? - Sen. Rand Paul "no new pathway to citizenship" - http://youtu.be/1q2qfQHe6ag

Raising taxes on those who create jobs is okay.....while record numbers leave the job force. - Obama Admits Raising Taxes Hurts the Economy - http://youtu.be/vKxqr5tr0fA - Thomas Sowell on Taxing the Rich - http://youtu.be/rc-bELgAowU

Groping the elderly and young children at airports is okay.....while saying its for our own protection. - TSA Strips Child and a 71 yr Old Man - http://youtu.be/w5fPdozaI30 - TSA Pulls Man's Pants Down - http://youtu.be/a7XCIvDpawI

Saying you have to take a drug test before earning money.....while saying its unconstitutional to take a drug test before getting welfare. - Debate Summed Up Here - http://youtu.be/WJDpJa-_xYw

Saying its important to secure the border.....while not doing a damn thing about it. - Speaker Boehner on Securing the Border - http://youtu.be/aKpOAiuS4ks - Gov. Jan Brewer on Obama's Border Signs - http://youtu.be/bzDlN7VLmXQ - CNN Report: Rancher Says Border Not Secure - http://youtu.be/9YkqnOVcO2k

Saying our national debt is too high.....while voting to increase the debt limit. - Ginni Thomas Interviewing Former Congressman Allen West (who voted for the debt limit increase) on the Seriousness of the Debt Limit - http://youtu.be/OvAwzUmocfU

Saying we need a balanced budget.....while voting for an unbalanced budget. - Paul Ryan's Budget Doesn't Balance for 25 Years - http://youtu.be/KwWgMcP5tDM - Paul Ryan Explains Why a Balanced Budget is Good for Jobs - http://youtu.be/dJhIQeuAB_E - Rand Paul Criticizes Paul Ryan's Budget - http://youtu.be/hNDepw7TOe0 - RNC Tribute Video to Ron Paul - http://youtu.be/E5kYudpL5JU

Saying we need to pass huge laws that the American people don't want.....while saying we need to pass them to find out what's in it. - Queen Pelosi In Her Own Words - http://youtu.be/hV-05TLiiLU - ReasonTV with Poll Numbers - http://youtu.be/0pWdW2v5Nkg

Swearing an oath to the Constitution.....while ignoring the Constitution. ....there's WAY too many videos to post on this one.

Need I go on?????   What did I miss?????   Post a comment on the Facebook link in the right hand column.

As far as I'm concerned, "It's Too Late to Apologize".

Tea Party Express & Tea Party HD Hosts Town Hall

On Tuesday, February 8th, the Tea Party Express and TeaPartyHD.com hosted a Tea Party Town Hall at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.