Do You Know and Understand Jordan Page? Here's an Intimate Look at His Message of Freedom

Do You Know and Understand Jordan Page? Here's an Intimate Look at His Message of Freedom

After a concert at Orlando Brewing, I sat down with Jordan Page for an intimate look at his Faith, his journey and how they've shaped his important mission.  His 'message of freedom' is driven by deep moments of inspiration and a quest to pass on a better world for his children than that which we have today.

Space Coast Tusk, "Hoyt Calls for a National Conversation About Liberty"

imageI was recently honored with an invitation and opportunity to speak at the Republican Men's Club of Brevard (RMCB). I had visited their group a couple years ago and was invited back this summer for another presentation. This time, I didn't want to just talk about the "issues of the day" and provide fodder for the political theater most talking heads provide on the nightly news shows. Instead, I wanted to pause a moment and talk about something important. Instead of just reacting to the man-made corporate news cycle, I believe we need to be proactive and prepare the next generation of Americans with a national conversation about Liberty, the Constitution and the Proper Role of Government.

The Space Coast Tusk, a monthly newsletter written by Stuart Gorin, covered my visit with the RMCB:

"Orlando-based Tea Party and Social media activist Jason Hoyt told the Republican Men’s Club of Brevard on July 18 that there needs to be a conversation in America on what is liberty. He is on a journey throughout the country to work with patriots to bring back our founding principles.

Hoyt said he believes it is imperative that we learn, teach and appreciate what our founders intended, what makes our country exceptional and what roles our Creator played in the founding.

Every generation, he said, makes a choice as to what type of country we will be, adding that only an informed and courageous electorate will choose liberty and self- government. “We must make the right choices today, and work tirelessly to prepare the next generation,” Hoyt said.

As a result of the IRS profiling and targeting scandal, he said, it is time to take a serious look at how we fund the federal government. He noted that for 100 years – since the implementation of the income tax through the 16th Amendment – the size, scope and power of the federal government has grown out of control.

Therefore, it is time for the Restoration Tax Plan, Hoyt said. He proposed these four steps: 1) repeal the 16th Amendment, 2) close the IRS, 3) eliminate all federal taxes, and 4) have each state collect taxes in their own unique way and fund the federal government based on each state’s percentage of population.

Hoyt also hosts American Patriots Radio, a show dedicated to the political, fiscal, cultural, educational and spiritual awakening that is on the rise in America. It can be heard on iTunes and Stitcher by downloading a free app."

Blog posts for every episode of American Patriots Radio can be found here while the latest episodes can be found on the new Stitcher app here.

To the Republican Men's Club of Brevard -- I sincerely Thank You for the opportunity and for the prayers of support.

To Stuart Gorin of the Space Coast Tusk -- Thank You, my friend, for writing about my visit and capturing my point.

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