Interview with Michael Farris Founder of the Convention of States Project

I recently had the honor of sitting down with Michael Farris, Connie Albers and Tom Gaitens after Mr. Farris' keynote speech at the Florida Parent Educators Association (FPEA), the "homeschoolers" convention, in Orlando, FL.

Ken Mayo, a friend and patriot, who serves as the National Director of Operations for the Convention of States Project, set up a meeting of grassroots leaders in the central Florida area and provided me the opportunity to interview Mr. Farris.

Michael Farris, founder of the Convention of States Project (@COSproject on Twitter), was the founding President and currently serves as Chancellor of Patrick Henry College (@PatrickHenryCol on Twitter).  He also founded and serves as Chairmen of the Home School Legal Defense Association (@HSLDA on Twitter).  

Please read Mr. Farris' amazing bio here.  

Also participating in the interview was Connie Albers, a former board member of the FPEA.  She's been a colleague and friend of mine in this great awakening as she's working to shape cultures through grassroots social media efforts.  She's been a leader throughout the country in many ways, but especially by promoting freedom for parents and homeschoolers.  Be sure to visit her website, as well.

APR Michael Farris Connie Albers

The Convention of States Project  is an initiative to save our Republic by proposing the states call for a Constitutional Convention limited to only three topics.  More information here.

In the interview, Mike Farris discusses a few objections that are often raised:

  1. Why would they pay attention to the Constitution after we amend it since they're not paying attention to it today?
  2. What if we have a runaway convention where they propose some crazy amendments that really mess things up?

v---- SPOILER ALERT!! ----v

The following represents my summary of what was discussed.  These are not exact quotes by Mr. Farris.  

The answer to the first question, simply stated, is (1) we already have a runaway constitution with the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of government doing what they please and interpreting the Constitution to fit their schemes, (2) its a false premise because if you ask those that are "violating" or "ignoring" the Constitution, they'll say they are following it.  We just believe they're applying an incorrect interpretation far from it's original meaning.  The amendments he's proposing are geared towards correctly defining certain clauses like the commerce and welfare clauses.  

The answer to the second question is that (1) he believes that having the states pass his specific language in their application for the convention will tie those states hands to those specific topics.  He discusses all three in the interview.  And (2) he has little faith that as it takes 34 states to call for a convention, there is little to no chance that 38 states would ratify anything outside of those items.  He does state that the specific application would not even allow other topics to be brought up for discussion. 

In addition to the Convention of States Project, we talk about the new 25-Episode DVD and Workbook program called, Constitutional Literacy Mr. Farris and Apologia Press recently launched.  Learn more about it at the HSLDA website here.  

Here is the keynote address by Michael Farris at the FPEA Convention on Friday, May 23, 2014.

Constitutional Literacy Michael Farris Autograph