In What Do YOU Believe?

Segment I want to talk, today, about a problem that’s occurring across the country.  I hear it in academia, in the media, pop culture, and especially in politics – and we find it at the local, state and especially the federal level.  At times you could attribute it to being accidental, maybe they don’t really understand – but more times than not, its purposeful.

As they say, Define your enemy before they define themselves.

But before I address the issue, I want to ask you a few questions about what YOU believe.

As they say, if you don’t believe in something, you’ll fall for anything.

Some of these things you may never have thought of.  Some of these may have never actually affected you.  Way too often we don’t seem to care about an issue until it hits us smack right in the face.  Or until it affects our family, or our livelihoods and our wallet.

Some people even have a hard time seeing how an issue today can trend over time and eventually have a severe impact on our family, or our neighborhood or society as a whole.

But today, I want you to think real hard about these things.  I ask you to step outside your own personal story for a moment and consider these questions.

I want to know what you believe in!

Do you believe in Fiscal Responsibility?  Do you believe that just as you and your family must live within your means, not spending more money than you earn each year, that the government should also do the same?

Or do you think it’s okay that every single year we as a nation add more and more to our National Debt.  And do you think it’s okay that politicians in Washington make NO effort whatsioever to even BEGIN paying it back.  Do you think it’s okay that our children and future generations will be enslaved to that debt.  That more and more of their incomes – much more than our incomes, in fact – will have to go towards paying that back – and as a result, they’ll have less opportunities.  They won’t be able to travel, to see things, to have the same experiences we have – they won’t experience the same level of freedom that we’ve enjoyed – all because of the spending habits of today?  Is that okay with you???

Do you believe we’re supposed to be a free country?  Where someone can set goals, work hard to achieve them and learn valuable lessons along the way – and sometimes those lessons involve setbacks and failures, but with personal responsibility and a drive to do the right thing we have the freedom, in this country, to apply those oftentimes hard lessons and with persistence, over time, we can achieve success and reap the rewards from our labor?

Do you understand that we have a United States Constitution?  That every single politician in this country, when he or she is sworn into office, places their hand on the Bible and swears an oath to protect and defend the Constitution?  Do you understand that the purpose of the document, as written by We The People, is to limit the power of the government?

That when the Constitution uses language like, “Congress shall make no law” and “shall not be infringed” we should consider those things as important?  Did you know that Article I Section 8 of the Constitution lists the enumerated powers granted to the Federal Government and the 10th Amendment essentially says that if its not listed here its up to the States or to the People?  Did you know that the powers granted to the Federal Government are supposed to be few and defined?

Or are you okay with an ever-expanding government bureaucracy that can do whatever it pleases and can interfere in your life however it wants, with dictates, mandates and the threat of imprisonment if you don’t comply?  Are you okay with that?

And who do you think can perform a function or provide a service more efficiently – a government agency with no clear goals, no measurement of success, no accountability, one that makes little attempt to get better because there’s literally no incentive to improve or do a better job, one that has a bloated budget that grows year after year and is known for wasting taxpayer dollars because the money isn’t theirs and it’ll just keep on coming year after year no matter what?

Or do you understand that an organization or business in the private sector that relies on the power of the free market, that’s competing for your hard earned money and wants to do the best job possible because if they don’t, they know they’ll be out of business or they know you’ll donate your dollars somewhere else, an organization or business that applies metrics to their operation and strives for real measurable results that’s always finding better and more efficient ways of operating?  Which do you prefer??

Because if you believe in Fiscal Responsibility – if you understand we’re supposed to be a Constitutionally limited government – and if you believe in the Free Market – guess what -- you’re part of the tea party.

Those other people?  -- the ones that don’t care about debt and that don’t care we’re enslaving our children and robbing them of opportunities – the ones that don’t care about the Constitution, that believe the government can do whatever it wants and run our lives better than we can run them ourselves – the ones that believe in big inefficient wasteful government programs that don’t produce any real results and oftentimes prolong problems instead of solving them – they prefer statism.  They prefer authoritarian government.  They don’t want a free country anymore.

So I ask you.  In what do you believe?  Do you believe in Freedom?

Now, you may not be a leader in the tea party, you may not attend local meetings, and you may have never even been to a rally.  None of that matters.  You don’t need to do those things to be a part of the tea party.

The tea party is NOT an organization, its NOT a political party, its NOT some group with or without a website – it’s a set of principles and values – its an idea.  And it’s the very idea that founded this country – that we don’t need some ruler from a far off place running our lives, telling us what we can and can’t do, that we don’t want some authority over us taxing this and that and using 70,000+ pages of tax code with the threat of imprisonment if we don’t comply – it’s the simple idea that we want to be free, that WE know what’s best for our families, that WE want to help whomever we want, that WE want our hard earned incomes to be used in a manner that WE choose, not some bureaucrat.

And as far as I’m concerned, I think this covers most people in America.  Most people in this country believe in Freedom, they don’t believe in enslaving our children and limiting their opportunities, most people believe the government isn’t supposed to run our lives, threatening and intimidating us for noncompliance, its not supposed to spy on us, its not supposed to target us based on our beliefs – most Americans believe in Freedom.

So please realize – you believe in tea party principles and values – you believe in time-tested true to our core, American values.

So next time Alan Grayson calls the tea party the Klan, or John McCain calls us Whackobirds – know this -- they’re talking about YOU.  They’re attacking you because of your principles and values.  They’re attacking you because they don’t want to lose the power they’ve been working so hard to accumulate.  They like power.  They like control.  They like government bureaucracies that never seem to go away.  And they’d like to keep trying to fool YOU into thinking you need them as they falsely proclaim they're on your side.

When they say, define your enemy before they define themselves – understand that they’re trying to define YOU as the enemy – they’re trying to divide this country.  They’re using lies and they’re pushing a false narrative in the media.

But you know what?  We’re on to them and they’re not going to win – because I know that deep down in YOUR very core, whether you’re a member of a local group or not – YOU believe in Freedom, and sooner or later, even though these issues may not affect you directly today – You’re not going to stand for this much longer.  We the People of America believe in Freedom.  We believe in Liberty – and We The People will prevail.  May God save our Republic.

I want to thank you for listening today and if you know someone that has fallen victim to the false narrative being pushed throughout the country, please forward this on to them right away.  Time is of the essence.

God bless you and thank you.  This is Jason W. Hoyt on American Patriots Radio.

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