Its a Fight!! KrisAnne Hall vs Cato Institute -- Is Nullification the rightful remedy?


Robert Levy, Chairman of the Cato Institute, penned an oped in the NY Times titled, The Limits of Nullification where he argues against the states using Nullification to push back against the Federal government.  KrisAnne Hall, however, in agreement with the founders of our Republic, strongly disagrees.

From KrisAnne Hall's rebuttal, titled Cato Institute Declares States Are Not Sovereign:

"With all due respect to the Cato Institute, Mr. Levy’s confidence in the Supreme Court is misplaced, not founded by fact or history, and is contrary to the very foundation of this nation; the sovereignty of the States. We must remember that the Supreme Court is yet the third branch of the federal government; it is not an independent governmental body. For Mr. Levy’s “limits on nullification” to be true, the States are no longer free, independent, and sovereign entities, but merely subjects to the federal government with no recourse to limit or control the power the States themselves delegated to it. For Mr. Levy’s opinion to be true, the only limit upon the federal government’s power is its own will. A central government’s whose only limitation is its own will is a Kingdom and not a Republic."

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