American Patriots Radio - 20120421 - Segment 8 - Snack Czar, Big Voices Media, Personal Responsibility & Pushing The Rock

On Saturday, April 21st, 2012, I read Peggy Spencer's "official disclaimer" in her role as Snack Czar, I discussed Personal Responsibility,, as well as our responsibility to keep pushing the rockas the results are up to God. Snack Czar's Disclaimer - "The Snack Czar stands ready to fulfill her duties to ensure that the host and his guests are supplied with adequate nourishment, and to sustain host and guests through sustenance, so said parties may not falter in interviews due to rapaciousness. The Snack Czar does not adhere to current White House policies concerning dietary needs. The Snack Czar may at times, provide high sugar, salted, fatty foods, that do not meet nutritional guidelines set forth by the Dept. of Agriculture, the Surgeon General, and the USDA Food Pyramid. Some foods may contain empty or non-nutritional calories. Although it is up to the Snack Czar's discretion, the Snack Czar may present offerings of fresh fruits, vegetables and nutrient rich foods more often than non-nutrient rich foods. The Snack Czar relies on her state of mind and emotions to guide her in making all decisions regarding the presentations of offerings."

Thank You Peggy for your dedication!!!  :)

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"If you're going to be free, its on you" - Matt White

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