American Patriots Radio - 2012421 - Segment 1 - Welcome to the Show

On Saturday, April 21, 2012, I introduced the American Patriots Radio show to central Florida on 1190AM WAMT Orlando and 1060AM WICX Titusville, FL and listeners nationwide streaming LIVE here to a new concept in talk radio -- not just talking about the issues, not just complaining about our elected officials, but actually doing something about it. "A Republic, Ma'am, if you can keep it" - Benjamin Franklin

With this radio show, I won't be introducing you to the same ol' talking heads you hear throughout the week -- you'll meet some great American Patriots from around the country that are going above and beyond and making a difference in their area and for our Republic.

A very special Thank You to Brad James and Len Weiner of Genesis Communications for putting together the opening with clips from Ronald Reagan, Andrew Breitbart and Jordan Page.

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American Patriots Radio w/ @JasonWHoyt can be heard every Saturday at 10AM EST on 1190AM WAMT Orlando, 1060AM WICX Titusville, FL (St. Augustine and down the East Coast of Florida to Indian River and West Palm Beach), streaming LIVE on the internet at