David Barton Takes Jon Stewart to School - (Video) Full Interview

On Wednesday, May 4, 2011, historian, and to many of us across the country, "national treasure", David Barton was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. As you'll see in the embedded clips below, David Barton visited with Stewart in an extended interview that left me on the edge of my seat. This interview encapsulates what each of us must do with our family, friends, neighbors and co-workers who have yet to awaken to the fact that we have not been taught a truthful and complete view of American History. This conversation ought to occur in every classroom, office, locker room, break room and kitchen table across America.

David Barton, through his company Wallbuilders, Inc., is the single largest private owner of original documents prior to 1812. With his vast collection and pure love and desire for sharing our forgotten history, Mr. Barton is on a life mission to set the record straight and provide original source documents in their entirety. Many historians, professors and textbooks have taken our founders words out of context or left their statements out altogether.

Many of us in the central Florida area and across the country admire David Barton for his decades of incredible work and study of our founders. I've often said that when you hear David Barton talk about our founding fathers, it's as if he's talking about his friends. His intimacy and in-depth knowledge is an inspiration.

Prior to the show, Stewart was apparently provided a dossier on Barton filled with misinformation. Fortunately, the dialogue was open enough to allow David a chance to put the listed accusations into complete context. As Jon Stewart is notorious for interrupting his guests for the sake of "entertainment", I felt frustrated by his unwillingness to let Barton finish his thoughts and points on a number of occasions, but you'll find that Stewart came around to understanding Barton in a new light.

In spite of obstacles of preconceived notions and misconceptions, David Barton displayed his integrity and character while never losing his cool with Stewart.

Jon Stewart seemed to believe that the purpose of the Constitution was to list our rights and since "religion" and God was not specifically listed that we somehow do not have a right to acknowledge them in the public square. Unfortunately, many in society today believe that very thing.

The purpose of the constitution is to list and therefore limit the functions that which the federal government can perform. Article I, Section 8 of the constitution lists the enumerated powers that the federal government can perform-- whereas everything else is left up to the states or to the people, per the 10th amendment.

Understanding that our rights are natural, they come from God, and are inalienable--they cannot be taken away nor limited-- is key and seems missing from today's political debate as far too many believe it's governments role to dictate and mandate what we can and cannot do. Just because the constitution does not list our individual rights does not mean we do not have them.

Please watch this conversation and debate all the way through to the end and enjoy how Jon Stewart is transformed from a quiet but snarky gotcha-type interviewer to an enlightened student of true original source history.

Part 1 - David Barton on Jon Stewart

Part 2 - David Barton on Jon Stewart

Part 1 - Extended Green Room Edition

Part 2 - Extended Green Room Edition

Part 3 - Extended Green Room Edition


UPDATE: David Barton just posted these links on Wallbuilders.com.  To see the original documents he referenced during the show, please use the links below and visit Wallbuilders.com.

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