The Great Awakening - The Tea Party Movement

Article on BroadsideBooks.netby Jason Hoyt

If anyone would have asked me on Friday, February 27, 2009 at our first Orlando Tea Party rally what the 17th Amendment to the US Constitution is and how has it affected the relationship between the state and federal governments, I wouldn't have been able to answer the question.  Did we rise up because we knew what James Madison wrote about federalism in The Federalist Papers or because we understood the purpose of the legal system from Bastiat's, The Law?  No, but like me, the American electorate arose from it's slumber because, simply put, we knew something was wrong.  Actions that began in the Bush administration and continued with Obama's approach to governing  were contrary to common sense that is the American Spirit.

Since the tea party movement began, however, for many tea party leaders and members alike, there has been a thirst, a resurgence in interest in American History, for understanding our founder's original intent and an overall study of the proper role of government.  Groups around the country are searching for material to learn with their memberships through book clubs, weekly seminars, conference calls, webinars, podcasts and even video.

In order to achieve the long-term preservation of our Republic that we seek, I believe we must make education the foundation of the tea party movement.

In order to identify and properly vet candidates, to support the difficult decisions we expect of our representatives, and to ensure we do not return to an attitude of apathy and disengagement, we must arm ourselves and the public at large with the truth, with our founder's original intent which will require an clear understanding of the writing's that inspired our founders.

Broadside Books and the "Voices of the Tea Party" series has a tremendous opportunity, in a condensed form with modern-day applications, to enlighten the electorate by answering the questions,  what is Liberty, what does it mean and how can we apply the lessons from the writing's that inspired our founder's to what we're experiencing today.

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