The Constitution Sheriff - Richard Mack

On Monday, March 21, 2011, the Seminole County 9.12 group(s) hosted Sheriff Richard Mack (ret.) for an outstanding presentation on how his lawsuit against the Clinton administration recognized our state sovereignty. The case discussed was JAY PRINTZ, SHERIFF/CORONER, RAVALLI COUNTY, MONTANA, PETITIONER 95-1478 v. UNITED STATES RICHARD MACK, PETITIONER 95-1503.

The following is an excerpt from one of the leaders of the Eastern Orlando Tea Party who summarized her experience on a Facebook Note following the presentation:

Dear Patriots!

Last night we had a phenomenal meeting with Sheriff Mack from Arizona. He is going around the country to speak to people about his lawsuit against the federal government and the Brady Bill. This Supreme Court decision was a landmark ruling in favor of the 10th Amendment and States Rights. The ruling in 1996 was suppressed by the Clinton Administration.

I wish more people had attended last night because this was an amazing meeting! Luckily, we found videos on YouTube where Sheriff Mack explains the lawsuit to Alex Jones. This is an abbreviated version of last nights meeting, but it will give you the basics. Please take the time to listen to these videos. Become educated and aware and then take the time to send this to your local, city and county leaders and share the information with them. We are trying so hard to win back our country, when in fact, it was already done for us with this Supreme Court Decision! Now all we need to do is to educate people on how to apply the law that is already on the books!

This is exciting news and it is something that is doable! Enjoy! Knowledge is Power!

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

For more information and speaking engagements go to Sheriff Mack's website