Congressman Dan Webster (FL8), CSPAN and AT&T

Does Congressman Dan Webster (FL8) Support the Balanced Budget Amendment? On Thursday morning, March 3rd, 2011, Congressman Dan Webster (FL8) was LIVE on CSPAN's Washington Journal.  As any good constituent would do, I tuned in and called into the program to ask my congressman a question.

At 17:07 minutes into the interview, you can hear my question for Congressman Webster...well, at least part of it.

Unfortunately, only part of my statements made the airways, thanks to another dropped call by AT&T.

The result of the November elections communicated an overwhelming desire by the American people for government to focus on cutting spending and Congressman Webster has communicated to his constituents time and again that he understands this as his mission.

Balanced Budget Amendment Logo BBAnow.orgMy question to Congressman Webster, as I continued talking not realizing my call was dropped, was in regards to the proposed Balanced Budget Amendment, House Joint Resolution 1, to the US Constitution.  HJR 1 would not only force congress to balance the budget each year, but would provide for a "spending cap" whereby federal spending could not exceed 20% of GDP, a 75-year historical average.

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I've always been in favor or a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) but only in conjunction with a spending cap.  Without the spending cap, congress could take the path of least resistance and claim that the BBA forced them to raise taxes to make up the difference.  With House Joint Resolution HJR 1, not only would congress not be able to spend more than a reasonable amount in relation to the overall economy (20%), taxes could only be raised with a 2/3 vote from both houses.

Congressman Webster, to his credit, did not hear my full question.  His answer, however, suggested that the amendment process would take too long while something needs to be done today.  Although I could not agree more about the urgency of the matter, we the people that it'll take bold efforts on many fronts to tame the beast that is the federal government.  We believe in an all-of-the-above approach and I'll be encouraging my congressman that while he is fighting to fix spending today, he needs to support HJR 1 as a co-sponsor and prepare for increased discussion about a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution.

Mark my words, there will be a groundswell of support for this amendment throughout the year.  And by the end of 2011, the real debate will take place as to how this amendment will work and the tea party movement will make support for this a major priority in 2012 at the state and federal levels.

I encourage you to talk to your Senator and Congressman and stress to them how important it is to co-sponsor this legislation today.  We The People will definitely make this a candidate criteria for the 2012 elections, so let's get the current congress on record as soon as we can.

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