Congressman Dan Webster (FL8) Town Hall

On Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011, Congressman Dan Webster (FL8) hosted a town hall at the Winter Garden City Hall. In a style similar to Congresswoman Sandy Adams' town hall the day before, Mr. Webster brought the truth back home to the district. He displayed and talked through the facts of the deficit, the debt and the out of control spending that's been going on for some time. Congressman Webster's main focus is spending, and he made that abundantly clear. When asked about auditing the Fed, he said that may be a great idea, but it's the spending on which we must focus. When asked about the FairTax, he brought the conversation back to spending.

One concept he talked about is the same idea Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey has been talking about for their state budgeting process. First, they prioritize all spending items. At which point the "revenues" come in, that's what gets funded. If there's an item that requires more money than was already allocated, it doesn't get funded.

Now, imagine using the priorities process in conjunction with the proposed Balanced Budget Amendment which includes the spending cap. Visit for more information. Prioritize spending, the government must balance the budget, spending is capped at 20% GDP and a vote of 2/3 of both houses are required to raise taxes (there's an exception due to a war declaration as well).

...then we can talk about how to fund the beast.

Unfortunately, time ran out and I was unable to be called upon with my statement/question. I wanted to 1) thank him for hosting a town hall outside of a union hall (as Alan Grayson did in 2009), 2) ensure he understands that regarding high speed rail and SunRail, that the people do not see the difference between "federal dollars" and "state dollars" as it's all taxpayer dollars to us, and 3) I wanted to know if he will support the Balanced Budget Amendment.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to attend your congressman's town halls. Step one, sign up to receive email alerts. Step two, put his/her office numbers in your cell phones, and Step three, show up at their events. Being an active and engaged voter is required. We must save our Republic.