Gov Scott Rejects ObamaRail - Fox35 Orlando Interview

On Wednesday, February 16th, 2011, FL Gov Rick Scott rejected federal money for the Orlando to Tampa High Speed Rail project. With an acceptance of the reality facing Florida taxpayers, Gov Scott has once again stood up to the federal government.  Details of Gov Scott's statement on his decision were posted here on Florida Governor Rick Rick Scott Rejects ObamaRail

Shortly after the announcement, FL Senator Bill Nelson began the process of circumventing the state's decision.

FL Senator Attempting to Override Governor

Although we know Gov Scott is receiving all sorts of negative emails upset with his decision, I believe its imperative that we let him know how much we appreciate his stance in protecting taxpayers from the largess of government spending.  Send Gov Rick Scott an email here.

Mike Synan, formerly of 580AM WDBO but now a reporter for Fox35 Orlando, contacted me for my comments on Gov Scott's decision.  I met with him and a cameraman at 1pm at City Hall.  The full news segment is embeded below while the story on Fox35 is here.

Scott rejects federal high speed rail:

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Robin Stublen, tea party leader in Florida, stated that "we finally have a politician who actually does in office what he promised to do during his campaign, cares about the financial and economic impact of his decisions on the citizenry, and not the political impact of his decisions on his career. He also has the moral and ethical conviction to stand up to the pressure from the National Government to "tow the line", be a good boy, and do as they say. But then again, when we elected Rick Scott, we didn't elect a politician, we hired an experienced CEO to run our state government....BIG difference."