Eastern Orlando Tea Party Kickoff Meeting

On Tuesday, February 15th, 2011, I was invited as the keynote speaker at the newly formed Eastern Orlando Tea Party kickoff meeting. Many of the volunteers that have been engaged in the tea party movement for some time decided to form a group on the east side of Orlando and I could not be more proud of them. One of the goals of the Central Florida Tea Party Council is to help groups throughout the area get connected with each other, share best practices and ensure everyone is plugged into what's going on around the state and the country. Having a more localized "neighborhood" type group makes is much easier to meet on a regular basis and actually do the hard work that's necessary. I congratulated the team on a successful meeting and let everyone know that the hard work is just beginning.  Organizing a tea party group takes dedication, hard work, sacrifice, patience,...and it's oftentimes compared to herding cats.

While presenting a slideshow of past events many of us have attended, I wanted to make the point that they're not alone. It's important to know there are millions of Americans out there just as frustrated with what's going on in government today and they're now engaged in the struggle to save our Republic.

And lastly, the greatest benefit to joining a tea party group, in my opinion, is the fellowship. When you join a local tea party group you'll have the opportunity to make friends that can last a lifetime.

I know I have, and I thank God every day.