CPAC - How Political Correctness is Harming America's Military

The following are my notes from this session at CPAC. I will add additional thoughts in the next few days. Van Hipp - "There's only one reason for the American military, and that's to win wars. We're not here for social experiments."

Elaine Donnelly: Gays in the military Women in the military Ft Hood jihadist. "Civilians must watch out for, protect and defend the military." "How do you train people to be less sensitive to sexual situations" Housing, clothing, moral, discipline. Chaplains have a serious problem here. We're going to lose a lot of chaplains. Housing, defense of marriage act on bases. Congress should ask, "not so fast, we need hearings on this"

Ilario Pantano: The military lives in a black and white world. Live or die. But we have a society today that deals with moral relativism. We're going to talk about the denial of truth. It's time to talk about the real truth, God's truth. Our media has been complicit. The threat is a complacent population, that knows the truth. Combat is not a place you visit, it's a thing you do. If you're not ready to die for something, how can you live for something. We've chased Jesus out of the schools and out of our fox holes. The ultimate founding document is the bible. The Chinese are afraid of Jesus Christ.