Tea Party Express & Tea Party HD Hosts Town Hall

On Tuesday, February 8th, the Tea Party Express and TeaPartyHD.com hosted a Tea Party Town Hall at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.   Amy Kremer and Levi Russell moderated questions and answers from the live audience, twitter, facebook and YouTube submissions with a panel of tea party congressional rock stars: Congressmen Steve King, Allen West, Michele Bachmann and Senators Mike Lee, Rand Paul and even Orin Hatch made an appearance. The event was broadcast live on http://www.TeaPartyHD.com and during the program, I learned it was also on CSPAN2. Linda sent me a photo of me on her TV.

I was given an opportunity to ask a question, but with so many issues facing our Republic, it was difficult to choose just one topic. One item that hadn't been brought up yet was about the current debate on raising the debt ceiling. Few representatives offer a staunch "no", some provide an unmitigated "yes".  We're now hearing, however, some Republicans, including my very own Congressman Dan Webster (FL-8), are interested in using this topic as a negotiating tool. They believe in, "Yes, if...". For example, Dan Webster said "Yes, if we repeal Obamacare".

Congressman Allen West answer the question brilliantly. Instead of summarizing and not doing his answer justice, I'll search for his answer on YouTube and come back to this page and embed it.

At the end of the day, the event was a huge success as the room was packed, there were lots of media and I pray the exposure to the real representatives that are carrying our principles close to their hearts...I pray seeds were planted in the hearts and minds of those not currently paying attention, not as engaged as we are, and maybe even those that don't quite understand the tea party movement.