Nationwide Tea Parties - Blog Post from March 2, 2009

The following was posted on my blog site,, on March 2, 2009.  The site has since been taken down and I believe the blog post must be preserved: It has begun.

On Friday, February 27, 2009, over 40 cities participated in simultaneous tea parties demonstrating against the rediculous spending spree and bailout programs being enacted in Washington, D.C. Citizens across the nation, many of whom never participated in a rally before, gathered around capitol buildings, parks, sidewalks and restaurants to ensure their voices were heard with one clear message:

Repeal or Retire.

Repeal the bank bailout, auto bailout, mortgage bailout and the porkulus stimulus bill,....or you'll be retired in 2010.

Here's a slideshow of photos from the Orlando Tea Party:

We had quite a bit of feedback as to why the movement chose a workday vs. a weekend, and why was it during a lunch hour vs. the evening.

Tea Parties in large cities were to be attended by the workers in those cities, who oftentimes travel from outside the city for work. They would already be there and able to attend during their lunch hour.

The fact remains that no date/time will be perfect for everyone, but the advantage of being a part of a nationwide movement is huge. In planning the first Orlando Tea Party, my main goal was to be included in that evening's news report with the words, "...and Orlando". If we had not planned our tea party for that day during that time, Orlando would have been left out. If we planned it for another day and another time, we would not have been included in the national news report.

With that in mind, I participated in the nationwide tea party conference call this evening to learn about future plans. The fact of the matter is this,...

It has begun.

#TCOT (Top Conservatives on Twitter link), along with the Don't Go Movement and Smart Girl Politics, are joining forces to keep planning these events.

To clear up misconceptions as provided by some in the liberal media, these events are not being funded by anyone. General, everyday citizen leaders are stepping forward and begging to help. We just want our voices to be heard!

Top Conservatives on Twitter was founded by Michael Patrick Leahy, author of the books, What Does Sarah Palin Believe? and What Does Barack Obama Believe ?. Michael P. Leahy really is at the forefront of social media and is working towards helping conservatives dominate social media tools such as Twitter.

He is also the founder of the, a news site formatted along the lines of the Drudge Report but features Tweets (messages sent via Twitter) with the "hashtag" #TCOT.

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On the conference call this evening, they announced that they think of this as a 10 round fight, with 10 nationwide simultaneous tea parties:

1. Nationwide Tea Party, 2009 – Repeal or Retire (site)

2. Tax Day, 2009 – Reduce the Pork, Cut Taxes (site)

3. Independence Day Tea Party, 2009 – Reduce the Pork, Learn the Constitution

4. Labor Day, 2009

5. Election Day, 2009

6. President’s Day, 2010

7. Tax Day, 2010

8. Independence, 2010

9. Labor day, 2010

10. Election Day, 2010

One extraordinary aspect of Friday's Orlando Tea Party was that ordinary citizens, many of whom have never participated in a protest or a rally before, found a voice. With mounting frustration for months and months, culiminating with the largest spending bill this country has ever seen, then the passing of a budget with over 8,000 earmarks and a mortgage bailout program designed to reward irresponsibility and punish the responsible,....the silent majority is silent no more.

Please join our Group on this site for updates to future tea parties: Orlando Tea Party.