March 21st, 2009 Orlando Tea Party - Blog Post from March 2009

The following was posted on my blog site,, on March 21, 2009.  The site has since been taken down and I believe the blog post must be preserved: On Saturday, March 21st, 2009, Lisa Feroli, a concerned citizen with the group Floridians Unite, teamed up with Bud Hedinger from 540WFLA News Radio to plan and promote the Great Orlando Tea Party.

I'd like to begin by saying congratulations to Lisa for a job well done!! You're a great American!! You and your team did an excellent job!

The following slideshow depicts only a portion of how exciting this event was. I don't know the crowd estimate as of yet, but when I asked a police officer if she knew how many people were in attendence, she said, "watch the news tonight, see what they say and double it."

Photo Slideshow

Local News report from Channel 13 here.

Orlando Tea Party Declaration (2 videos)

Just to demonstrate how successful the event was, I broadcasted these videos live from my cell phone intermittently during the event. Again, these videos are from my cell phone with a low resolution. I'll be posting real video at a later date.

Part 1

Presentation of Colors, Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem.

Part 2

Tom Gaitens from Freedomworks speaks from 11mins left in the video to 7mins left.

Part 3

Walk-thru from the back of the crowd.

Watch the full length version of the Obama Deception HQ movie here.