Purchase Price $247,500

Main Unit: 3 bed · 2.5 bath
Studio Unit Above Garage: Full Kitchen · Full Bath

In 2003, I was driving along 535, then a 2-lane road, north of Walt Disney World where I saw a phone number posted on a billboard advertising the soon-t0-be-built community, Summerport.  I dialed the 800 number and placed my name on the waiting list. A few months later I signed the 19th contract in the townhome section of the new development without even seeing a model.

Construction was completed in 2004 and you can only imagine the changes I've seen where orange groves used to prevail.

The townhome is located just half a block from Keene's Crossing Elementary School and one block from the Summerport POA Community Center, which has a large pool, playground, tennis & basketball courts, beach volleyball, two docks and several bodies of water.

Thankfully, the model I chose included a studio apartment above the detached two-car garage.  The unit has a full kitchen, full bath, two closets, and a top/bottom washer-dryer.  Located only seven miles from the Magic Kingdom has enabled me to have the unit rented literally 98% of the months since 2004, earning at least $600/month.

Only a handful of these types of units were built in the area while several of them do not even include a kitchen, making 14222 Sonco even more rare, valuable, and in-demand.