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More than just a public speaker.


Combining wit, story, passion, and research, Jason has the unique ability to immediately connect with his audience.  Jason's "everyman" approach makes him accessible and authentic while remaining confident as an expert on a wide range of topics.
Hoyt is comfortable in small, intimate settings as well as rallies and auditoriums with crowds into the thousands.  Topics can vary from politics, fake news, the Constitution, 'the tea party,' Liberty, natural rights, and how to become and stay free.

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Liberty Restoration Publishing, Inc.


During the writing of his first book, Consent of the Governed - The People's Guide to Holding Government Accountable, Jason learned the self-publishing process and formed Liberty Restoration Publishing, Inc.

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"A Republic, if you can keep it."


Grassroots.Vote is a network of anti-establishment Patriots focused on God, the Constitution, Liberty, and the proper role of government while fervently reminding our elected representatives they work for us.

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Licensed Real Estate Broker-Associate


As a Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker Associate, Jason joined the RentCare Property Management & CT Homes Realty full-service real estate firm in 2017.  In business since 1993, RentCare specializes in single-family residential long-term property management, representing hundreds of property owners protecting investment properties and providing peace of mind.

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