It's about God, the Constitution and
the Proper Role of Government.


The battle to save our Republic begins at home.  
Although engaging in the political process is an important part of civic life, I've come to realize we're spending lots of time and resources hacking at the leaves as opposed to attacking the roots.  

The battle doesn't start in Washington, D.C
We must begin at home.


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Our government is out of control and we were never meant to live like this.  We've been trained to think the only way to hold the government accountable is by waiting for the next election. Well, the good news is that we don't have to wait for elections!

What if I was to tell you that We The People could operate on an official capacity outside the branches of government and root out government corruption with indictments?

Every Politician Should
Fear This Book!

What if I were to tell you that every single move they made would be under the watchful eye of We The People, but with real, tangible and immediate consequences?

The answer to the question of real and substantial consequences — true accountability — has been under our nose the entire time.

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